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From the get-go, we know that this matter will be adequately delivered since it’s a constant thing that the truth will always prevail, as Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, and Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries USA, have successfully defeated an appeal brought by the defendants in a lawsuit filed in Prince George’s County Maryland.



Sometime ago, MFM sued Christ the Truth Ministries, Inc. and its pastor Lawrence Adetunji as well as its Board of Directors including Kayode Ojewale, Christopher Akinduro, Elera Nwogu, Emilola Oke, Koffi Possian, Miriam Morgan, Quadri Adeleke, Raymond Awosika, Beatrice Boateng, Israel Adetunji, Ronke Adetunji, and Esther Adetunji after they conspired to steal all of the real property, money and assets of Mountain of Fire’s branch at Bowie Maryland.


We learnt that Pastor Adetunji who was a former pastor of the Mountain of Fire and miracles ministries Bowie branch and a member of the Board of Directors of MFM USA, and the other defendants secretly and fraudulently created corporate and other legal documents to allow them to transfer the branch property to a newly created ministry, called Christ the Truth Ministries.


The congregation of the MFM branch was intentionally kept in ignorance of these actions and intentions until March 27, 2016, when Lawrence Adetunji announced that the church would now become Christ the Truth Ministries.


We gathered that with this move all of the branch’s assets were then transferred to Christ the Truth Ministries, including two parcels of land containing a church building, a house used for children’s ministries, and the bank accounts of MFM. The two parcels contained nearly 1.5 acres of land.


We later found out that when the authorities of Mountain of Fire and miracles ministers got a wind of this callous and dubious act, they successfully prosecuted a civil action which led to a judgment awarding MFM the return of all assets, real property as well as the money in the bank accounts.


Our investigation led us to realize that Christ the Truth failed and refused to comply with post-judgment court orders and this led to the court awarding attorney’s fees to Mountain of Fire and miracles ministries.


We also learnt that Lawrence Adetunji and the other defendants filed an appeal of the judgment to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals claiming the trial court erred in finding the real property belonged to MFM, that the trial court erred in finding the trustees of Christ the Truth liable for damages and the trial court erred in calculating damages.


IN A UNANIMOUS DECISION, the Court of Special Appeal affirmed the trial court on each and every issue presented. This means that all matters brought before the appeal court by CTM and Lawrence Adetunji and Co have failed.


In this opinion, the Court of Special Appeals stated: “The then trustees of MFM MD USA (Lawrence Adetunji and Co) acted dishonestly when they transferred every asset belonging to MFM-MD USA and MFM International to CTM, and dissolved MFM-MD USA when it was still a viable corporation.”
In my conclusion of this matter, I will say a thief is a thief no matter how well they hide, give them the opportunity to steal and they will prove themselves.

FEMI OYEWALE we will always come with the truth.

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Prophet Joshua Iginla Fulfils His Promise, Takes Covid-19 Vaccine




The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has led by example by taking the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday.

This is coming some months after he publicly preached against religious leaders who are asking their members not to take the vaccine. He then promised that He will get vaccinated against Covid-19 and will let his members know when.

Yesterday, The man of God shared the pictures of him getting vaccinated on his Facebook page and advised Nigerians who felt they want to take it to take it too.

He made it known that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him after taking the vaccine and that those who preach against it are misleading the people.

He stressed that under no condition is he forcing any of his members to get vaccinated but most of the things said about the vaccine are totally false.

Furthermore, He slammed preachers and clergymen who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine secretly yet advising members not to get vaccinated, describing them as misleaders. At least, some of this preachers take their family members abroad for medical treatment and some of them are still on medication, so why kick against members taking medication when their faith is not strong enough for divine healing. Also, he cleared the insinuation that the vaccine is a mark of the beast insisting that a true bible scholar would know that the mark of the beast will only take place after rapture. Aside that, scientifically, for every virus, vaccine has been helpful and that we should shun ignorance and let knowledge be our watchword.

He revealed that taking the vaccine or medication doesn’t reduce your faith or anointing in any way:

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First and foremost, understand that an unverified negative opinion or ideology can be dangerously misleading.
I Got vaccinated against COVID-19 and it is my choice, under no condition am I mandating members to take it. But to be more real, most of the negative things said about the COVID-19 vaccine are totally erroneous and false. As much as all government parastatals want the safety of their citizens, it is proper to educate them on the need to be vaccinated, rather than force it on them. Encourage people to seek medical care, after all doctors treat but GOD heals.

Brethren if your faith level is still in the growing process, do not die reckless over a situation you could have averted. Take care of your flesh, to enable your spirit man fulfill destiny, your spirit needs your flesh to function on earth.

Supernatural healing from the throne of Grace is real, deliverance and miracles through the undeniable power of God Almighty is still in existence through us by the Holy Spirit.

As a child of God, carefully examine the level of your faith in the most High God, is your faith well grounded and rooted to stand the pressure of affliction? Having come to the consciousness of God’s word, I refuse to perish for the lack of knowledge.

Hebrews 11:1″Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Some people’s faith are:Measurable, Growing, Great, Unwavering, Little, Weak, Active etc. Which ever faith level you fall under, do not totally throw away medical science, as much as it has its own limitations, the roots and medical knowledge were created by God Almighty.

See Genesis 1:29 “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food”.

Do not be deceived and misled, some of the people advising you against the COVID-19 vaccine have secretly taken it. Be accountable for your deeds dear Brethren.

I pray for you, every evil affliction coming your way is averted in Jesus name.

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How Prophet Joshua Iginla Accurately Predicted Outcome Of Zambia Election (VIDEO)




The Zambia presidential election was held on Thursday, 12thof August 2021 under serious tension in the country. For many, the outcome is surprising but for the followers of popular Nigerian prophet, Joshua Iginla, it was more of God fulfilling his words as delivered by the highly respected man of God many years ago.

The Zambian electoral commission declared the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema winner of the election after he defeated the incumbent president, Edgar Lungu by over a million vote.



Against all odd, the prophecy of God’s Oracle, prophet Joshua Iginla concerning the nation of Zambia and the newly elected president of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema, has been confirmed.

Like he normally says that when the prophecy of a servant of God Favour’s the people, they say he is God sent. But when the prophet speaks against the will of the people, they say it’s fake. This aptly applied to Iginla’s prediction concerning Zambia’s presidential election.

However, Iginla’s consistency about the prophecy of Zambia since 2014 is breathtaking. He predicted the emergence of Edgar Lungu as president .

In 2015, immediately after the election that brought Edgar Lungu in as president, It was on record that Iginla prophetically declared that the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema should hold his peace as it’s his destiny to become the president of Zambia and that he is next.

Consequently, in May 2017, during a live service, Iginla also gave Lungu another prophecy saying he should deliver his electoral promises to Zambians because he didn’t see him on the presidential seat in 2021.

Iginla took out time to write series of Letters to Lungu expressing the mind of God just in case he will listens, but he never did.

Prophet Joshua Iginla also unusually gave a prophecy weeks to the election during a live service at his Abuja Church that he sees a wind of change in Zambia and that the sit on which the president is seated spiritually has lost balance as a result of judases around him.

He then made it known that the opposition will have an early lead and that they will be delay in the election results after which he warned the incumbent president not to manipulate the result but allow the will of the people show in the ballot paper.

Fulfilling these prophecies, it was accurately reported in the media that the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema took an early lead while the result was being counted.

Also, it has never been in the history of Zambia to have election results delayed for this long but it happened at this time that the word of God may be fulfilled as said by his mouthpiece, Prophet Joshua Iginla.

When the result was announced earlier today, the opposition was declared winner, also fulfilling the prophecy of Prophet Joshua Iginla on the destiny of Hakainde Hichilema.


Here is the video evidence :




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Prophet Iginla Pens Open Letter To President Edgar Lungu



The shepherd in Charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has penned an open letter to president Edgar Lungu.

Iginla warned him to take the defeat in good faith and learn lessons from the just concluded presidential election:

Your Excellency,
President Edgar Lungu,

I write this open letter to you as a prophet of God and an authority who has his degree in Political science and Masters In international law and diplomacy that you should accept the outcome of this election in good faith. The people have spoken that they want wind of change as God has ordained it and any attempt to thwart that will lead to anarchy and history will not be kind to you .

It is obvious you have failed to fulfill your electoral promises to Zambians and this has led to socio-economic meltdown in the country.


There are several factors behind Your unpopularity. One is the high cost of living, thanks to a faltering economy. According to the latest data on chronic poverty in Zambia from the Overseas Development Institute, the number of adults who cannot afford to have more than one meal a day has risen to 40% under your rule.

A second is the high levels of income inequality. Despite being a lower middle-income country, latest World Bank records show that nearly 60% of Zambia’s 18.8 million people earn below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day (compared to 41% across Sub-Saharan Africa). While poverty is endemic, several PF leaders have continued to accumulate and display obscene or grotesque wealth in ways that have alienated your government from many Zambians.




The third is the country’s staggering debt, which, alongside your administration’s demonstrated lack of commitment to fixing its debt crisis through better fiscal management, has undermined the government’s capacity to improve service delivery, invest in social sectors, and reduce high unemployment. When the PF won power in September 2011, Zambia’s external debt stood at $1.9 billion. By December 2020, it had risen to $12.74 billion.



The lack of service delivery has been felt most notably in the health sector, where the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have exacerbated the crisis.

The fourth is the violent behaviour of the PF cadres who control the markets and bus stations. Your reluctance to stop their activities has emboldened their conduct, undermined the authority of the police, and left the public greatly exposed.

The fifth is the lack of policy consistency including in the crucial mining industry, Zambia’s major export earner. In addition to undermining revenue collection, this policy instability has raised significant consternation among foreign investors. Economically, this should be a good period for Zambia with strong commodity prices, but the government has interfered with mining in a very erratic way, forcing mines to submit to nationalisation.

Added to this is the closing democratic space, the deteriorating state of the human rights situation in the country, the general breakdown in the rule of law, and the absence of leadership on key issues such as grand corruption in government, the so-called “gassing” incidents in early-2020, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and deepening ethnic divisions that have characterised the past five years.



Personally, I have warned you several times to listen to the voice of God and also revealed to you that you are surrounded by Judases. But you ignored me.

Rather, you backlisted me and barred me from entering Zambia again.

Of a truth, president Lungu, you tried your best in certain areas while governing the affairs of Zambia because your enthronement was an act of God. However, you should learn from this present predicament that it’s not good to forget your source or fight the mouthpiece of God whom God used to lift you up simply because he told you the truth from the throne of Grace.


Also, another lessons learnt is that you should be wary of yes men who hails you just to be in your good book but failed to give you the right information about happenings in the country. They only shout hallelujah before you just to deceive you and Massage your ego.


My candid warning to you is that you should accept the outcome of this election in good faith as I have warned you prophetically about the will of God for you concerning this election. Don’t fight HH, rather congratulate him and focus on your health. I beseech you work on your health.

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