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Meet The Nigerian Music Guru Reigniting Acoustics,Dr.Gee Gee ( Bounce Music)




Emerging music producer turned acoustic designer, Godstime Martins Jatto a.k.a Dr. Gee, has audaciously declared that his goal is to have affordable acoustics produced by his company -Bounce Music in every studio across the continent of Africa , Dr.Gee said this decision was taken out of necessity.

The graduate of political Science, said he had to make the move in other to make his mark in the world of music. He said “I decided to move into the world of acoustics when I felt I was not making enough income to look out for myself and my family and leave something I will be remembered for…”he continued in these words “What I always say to those who are close to me is that Nigeria is hard and good enough for us in show biz the industry is wide so you can move to something else if what you are doing presently is not paying you.

Read excerpts from his interview with Gisthood.

Is music production no more lucrative and have you left production and sound engineering? Not at all, it is still very lucrative if you feel the food it is putting on your table is enough, then continue but if you are like me make a move and do something else instead of complaining. As for your second question I have not left production rather studio and acoustics designs gives me the opportunity to get more clients.

How profitable has this been for you so far? We thank God that we are still in business I know the big contracts will come in with time, but for now the joy I see on the faces of my customers is still my great motivation. Can Dr.Gee share with us his biggest clients so far “wow they are many and I can’t really remember them now because they are still growing stars but

 “I can tell you that the studio of the Grammy award wining Vtech was designed by my company Bounce music from top to bottom and Eager boy is another great client of mine. The big dream is to see that when people think acoustics they thinks of bounce music.”

As one involved in the technical aspect of music, what must Nigerian music stars not do in other to loose the global attention the industry is enjoying now? My brother we must not drop our standards and strive to even improve day by day, I am proud of the likes of Davido, Burna Boy and wiz kid if other follow their food steps we will rule for a long time to come

How can Dr.Gee and Bounce music be accessed? well we are on Jiji always but our major distributors are Auxel music and M-Tech and you can find us in major Alaba music stores.

Dr.Gee began his journey into the world of music at K-solo’s music studio, where he studied as a producer and sound engineer gaining production credits in the albums of music greats like Timaya, Sunny Nnaji, MUMA Gee to mention but a few before setting up his personal business.
He is married with a son

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