Biafra was a Bloody WAR, Not an INVASION- Ayo Bankole

Nigerian strategy expert, Ayo Bankole has called on Igbos to stop playing victim as a result of the Biafra civil war .

In his opinion, he stated that

“Biafra was a WAR. A bloody WAR. Not an INVASION. There were unprintable killings, looting, stealing and ills on both sides. So many many books by the primary players document this. Stop talking about Biafra only from the victim perspective as though it was an invasion!!!

Imagine that. I have never seen an Igbo person talk about the dastardly atrocities Biafran soldiers committed. Always about yorubas and what they did. Every side had faults, But let’s continue to trade blames rather than find closure.

Whether we like it or not, the truth remains that it was a war. The both the Nigerian and Biafran were armies were ruthless. Both sides now need to agree and accept that people were killed on both sides and apologize. That is the way healing can come”.

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