LOL! Church Declares Deliverance to cast out the “Marlian Spirit”

Apparently the “Marlian spirit” is a “virus” that needs to be cast out according to a church in Surulere, Lagos, who have organized a deliverance service.

The deliverance service is a month long and it promises to provide solutions for people already possessed by the Marlian spirit.

The banner put up by Church in Surulere, Lagos, revealed that the deliverance service will hold every Sunday in the month of February. The aim is to tackle the “brand new virus’ known as “the Marlian spirit.”

The banner reads:

Are you a Marlian? Here is: what you must know How you must respond How to be free Describing the Marlian spirit, the Church added on the banner:

“It’s sweeping through the land, it’s creeping into our colleges and homes, it’s turning daughters against mothers and sons against fathers. Millions are hooked to this poison.’

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